Futura Hair Curling Guide

Futura Hair Curling Guide

Futura Hair Curling Guide


Futura is heat resistant up to a maximum temperature 200 degrees  so you can therefore curl the hair using heated appliances. We recommend setting your heat styler to a temperature of 180 degrees to curl the hair. If you have GHD stylers they have a temperature of around 220-230 degrees so we would therefore recommend turning the appliance of once heated and allowing them to cool down for a while prior to using them on the hair extensions. Once cooled test a small section of hair to ensure that they have cooled down enough to not damage the hair.


Please see below our step by step instructions on how to curl the Futura Hair Extensions:


Curling Tongs:


  1. Preheat the curling tongs to a temperature of 180 degrees.


  1. Roll the hair around the curling tong and hold in place for around 1 minute or until the hair has fully heated through.


  1. Release the hair trying not to disturb the curls.


  1. Let the hair cool down avoid lifting/disturbing the hair until it is fully cooled down as its during the cooling period that the curls will take to the hair.


  1. After the hair is fully cooled it will now be ready to wear.





Sponge Rollers:


     1. Separate the 6 wefts of hair in the pack.


     2. In individual pieces section the hair to the desired thickness you can use 1-3 sponge rollers per weft depending on how thick you want the curls.


     3. Wrap each section of hair around the sponge rollers and secure.


     4. Fill a pan with boiling water and heat it to a low boiling point.


     5. Using heatproof kitchen tongs dip each section/sponge roller in to the water holding for around 3 seconds.


     6. Remove the rollers from the water and blot dry with a towel.


     7. Without disturbing the curls release and slide the hair off the sponge rollers on to a flat surface.


     8. Allow the hair to dry fully and the bouncy curls will be ready to use.