Clip in Futura Hair Extensions Aftercare Guide

Clip in Futura Hair Extensions Aftercare Guide

Clip in Futura Hair Extensions Aftercare Guide







1. Gently comb your hair extensions with a brush (Yaki, straight hair) or wide tooth comb (Bodywave, loose curls), make sure that any knots and tangles are gone.


2. With warm water gently wet the hair extensions.


3. Next, apply mild shampoo to the hair and gently comb the hair product through with your fingers, do not rub the extensions as this can cause damage to the hair.


4. Rinse out the shampoo, the best way to do this is by running the shower head over the extensions to swill away the shampoo or alternatively just use the sink or bath to plunge the extensions which will rinse away the shampoo product.


5. Apply a mild conditioner, conditioner will make the hair extensions easier to comb once they are dry and will keep the extensions feeling beautiful and soft.


TIP: To give your hair extensions the VIP treatment and to keep them looking even softer and shinier, instead of using a normal hair conditioner you can use a deep conditioning hair mask, leave in for around 3-5 minutes and rinse the product out (see step 4), this will keep the hair looking even more shiner and feeling extra soft.


6. Rinse out the conditioner using the same method that we advise in step 4.


7. To dry your hair extensions the best method recommended is to allow them to dry naturally. Do not roll or rub the hair in to the towel as this will cause damage to the hair, if you are in a rush you can blow dry them although blow drying is not recommended to do to often as this can also damage the hair.



Useful Tips


  • Clip in Futura hair extensions do not need to be washed all of the time like your natural hair, for example, if you wear your hair extensions everyday you will find that you can go for around 3 weeks without needing to wash them again.


  • To take extra care when brushing your Futura Hair Extensions and to prevent snagging we recommend using a hair extension brush (Yaki, Straight Hair) or a wide tooth comb (Bodywave, loose curls) as the bristles have been specially designed to glide through the hair without causing damage.


  • The best way to brush your hair extensions which we highly recommend is to start brushing the ends of the hair extensions first, then the mid lengths and then finishing with the top of the hair (about a centimetre down from the top of the weft) this will also help even further to prevent snagging on any knots.


  • If you have purchased our Yaki (Straight) Hair Extensions we recommend that you only heat style the hair up to a maximum of 200 degrees (do not heat style over this temperature or you will damage/melt the hair). If you have GHD straighteners which have a heat temperature of 220-230 degrees we highly recommend that you turn off the appliance and allow them to cool down prior to applying heat to the extensions. When your GHD’s have cooled right down test a small section of the hair prior to styling - this will prevent you from damaging large sections of hair if the straighteners are still to hot. If you have purchased our Bodywave Hair Extensions although they can withstand high heat temperatures of 200 degrees we do not recommend using hair straighteners on the hair as the heat will cause the curls to permanently drop out. 


  • When styling your Futura Hair Extensions we recommend applying a light mist of heat protection spray (which can be found on our site) to the extensions prior to using your chosen heat appliance, this will help to protect the heat of the appliances from damaging the hair and a good quality heat protection spray will also leave your hair feeling smooth and silky after styling whilst leaving them smelling beautiful.