Clip in Futura Hair Extensions FAQ

Clip in Futura Hair Extensions FAQ

Clip in Futura Hair Extensions FAQ




Q: What are clip in hair extensions?

A: ‘Clip in’ hair extensions are the latest edition to the hair extension industry, they are easy to fit and will take approximately 10mins to apply a full head set to your natural hair, there is no need for sticky glue or bonds you can simply put them in and take them out as desired. All of our hair extensions come with a useful clip guide at the back of each pack to provide you with he best tried and tested methods on how to evenly distribute the hair pieces around your head.


Q: Does my hair have to be a certain length to wear hair extensions?

A: To wear clip in hair extensions you do need enough natural hair to thoroughly cover the top of the extensions so that when applied the hair extensions blend well with your own hair and maintain a natural look. 


Q: How many pieces of hair do you get in each set?

A: Each of our Futura Hair sets contain 6 pieces which when applied correctly will distribute evenly around the head and blend beautifully with your natural hair. With our unique 6 piece sets you can use as little or as much of the hair as you would like so you really can achieve whatever hair style you desire. The set specification is as detailed below:

x1 - 8inch hair piece (4 clips attached)

x1 - 6inch hair piece (3 clips attached)

x2 - 4inch hair piece (2 clips attached)

x2 - 2inch hair piece (1 clip attached)


Q: Are the clips already attached to the Extensions?

A: Yes, each of our clip in sets of hair already have the clips attached. Athenia Hair Extensions only use the highest quality slim line clips so that you can achieve a very natural look when applied. Each of our clips also have silicone tubing so that the Extensions have a more secure grip when applied to your natural hair.


Q: Do Futura Hair Extensions look natural?

A: Yes, our Futura Hair Extensions are made from the finest thermofibre which looks and feels just like real hair allowing them to blend beautifully with your natural hair.


Q: How long will clip in hair extensions last?

A: Our hair extensions are the very best in quality and are made from 100% Futura Fibre. Providing that you care for your Futura hair extensions correctly (see our aftercare guide for useful tips) they are estimated to last for a minimum of 3 month to 1 year depending on how often you use them and how well you care for them.


Q: What is Futura?

A: Athenia Futura Hair Extensions are constructed using the latest, revolutionary heat safe premium thermo fibre which can withstand temperatures of up to 200 degrees which is unprecedented in the synthetic hair industry. Futura Hair is the best man made fibre currently available and unlike many synthetic hair extensions on the current market, Athenia Futura Hair Extensions have a far more natural appearance which blends beautifully with your natural hair they really do look and feel just like real hair! Unlike human hair Futura technology is versatile and manageable maintaining its frizz free silky appearance wash after wash! No longer do you have to fear the dreaded hair frizz after a soaking in the rain.


Q: Can you wash the hair extensions?

A: Yes you can wash our clip in Futura Hair Extensions using mild shampoos and conditioners, for further information on how to wash your clip in hair extensions please see our very useful aftercare guide.


Q: Can you Dye/Colour Treat the hair extensions?

A: Unfortunately Futura Hair Extensions cannot be colour treated. We do however stock a large range of colours which is ever increasing. To help us expand our collection we welcome your comments therefore if we do not currently stock your colour but you would like to see it added to our catalogue please drop us an email to:

Q. Can i style the Yaki (Straight) hair extensions using a hair dryer or straighteners?

A: Yes, Futura Hair Extensions can be heat styled up to a maximum of 200 degrees (do not heat style over this temperature or you will damage/melt the hair). If you have GHD straighteners which have a heat temperature of 220-230 degrees we highly recommend that you turn off the appliance and allow them to cool down prior to applying heat to the extensions. When your GHD’s have cooled right down test a small section of the Hair prior to styling - this will prevent you from damaging large sections of hair if the straighteners are still to hot. If you have purchased our Bodywave (Loose curl) hair extensions although they can withstand high heat temperatures of 200 degrees we do not recommend heat styling the hair using straighteners or a blow dryer as this can make the curls drop out permanently.


Q: Which type of brush do you recommend for styling the Bodywave Hair Extensions? 

A: When brushing the hair we recomend using a wide tooth comb or alternatively you can groom and fix the hair in to place using your fingers. As the hair is curled standard tooth brushes and combs can snag on the hair and cause frizzing. 


Q: Will Futura Bodywave retain their natural curls when washed?

A: Futura Bodywave hair extensions can be washed and will regain there natural bodywave shape after shampooing we do recommend that you do not roll or rub the hair whilst washing as this will prevent damage to the hair (we have included extension washing tips on the back of each pack for your reference). 

After washing your hair extensions we recommend that the extensions are hung up using a hanger or lay flat to allow them to dry naturally. PLEASE NOTE: If you straighten or straight blow dry the hair it will not resume it's natural bodywave style as the heat from the appliances will make the curls drop so we always recommend allowing them to dry naturally.


Q: What if the hair colour doesn’t match?

 A: We do offer a FREE colour match service if you are totally unsure which of our hair extensions would be best suited to your natural hair colour (please CLICK HERE) if you would like one of our colour technicians to match your hair colour for you! If you have already purchased your hair and they are not the correct colour do not worry - We will also let you Swap the colour if it does not match with your own hair within 14 Days of Purchase, providing that the hair extensions are in there original unused condition (for our return t&cs please refer to our returns policy). Prior to return please contact to advise via the 'Contact us' tab and we will provide you with our return address information.