Athenia Futura Clip in Hair Extensions -22'' Full Head 150 grams – Colour #10 Medium Ash Brown

Athenia Futura Clip in Hair Extensions -22'' Full Head 150 grams – Colour #10 Medium Ash Brown

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• Synthetic Futura Thermofibre (Heat style up to 200 degrees)

• Straight Texture Natural Look Clip in Hair Extensions

• Length: 22 inches

• High Quality slim line clips.

• 6 Piece Full Head set (150 grams of hair per set)


Athenia Futura Hair Extensions are constructed using the latest, revolutionary heat safe premium thermo fibre which can withstand temperatures of up to 200 degrees which is unprecedented in the synthetic hair market. Unlike many synthetic hair extensions currently available Athenia Futura Hair Extensions have a far more natural appearance, blending beautifully with natural hair. The extensions can be washed, straightened and curled (please refer to our HAIR CURLING GUIDE for information on how to curl the hair) to achieve your desired look (they cannot however be colour treated).


To prevent shedding all of our hair pieces have been specially manufactured to hold the hair firmly in place, maintaining the overall thickness of the hair. We also recommend using a hair extension or soft bristle brush when brushing the extensions to maintain the overall look and feel of the hair. So that all of our customer's can shop in complete confidence with us all of the products from our Hair Extension's range are covered by ISO 9001:2008 accreditation. For further tips and advice on how to style and care for Athenia Hair Extensions please visit our very useful aftercare and FAQ pages.

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