Athenia Tangle Wand - Purple Crush

Athenia Tangle Wand - Purple Crush

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  • PERFECT FOR ALL HAIR TYPES - wet or dry including hair extensions.
  • CONTOURED EASY GRIP HANDLE - for optimum control and a palm friendly grip.
  • CENTRALISED CONCAVE DESIGN - gently moulds to the scalp delivering results from root to tip.
  • NO MORE TANGLES  - Unique 3 length bristle formation splits the overall pressure on the hair, allowing the brush to glide through tangles reducing unnecessary pain or hair loss.


Athenia Tangle wand has been created for use with all hair types including hair extensions. Crafted to a premium standard Tangle Wand has been designed for ease of use and optimum control whilst detangling your hair. To prevent any unnecessary pain or hair breakage, Tangle Wand has been developed with a unique 3 length bristle formation to effectively split the overall pressure applied to your hair, allowing the brush to gently glide through tangles. For use on wet or dry hair Tangle Wand's palm friendly handle will ensure that you have maximum grip and control no matter where you use it. Gently moulding  to your scalp our concave bristle design captures more hair, delivering maximum results from root to tip.

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